Property Auction Workshop – How To Make Money From Property Auctions


February 20 - 10:00


December 11 - 14:00

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MIDAS Property Club (MPC)

Midas Property Group Presents Training Workshop On How To Successfully Make Money At Property Auctions.

Do you want to learn how to use property auctions to make profit ? Grow your portfolio ? And avoid costly mistakes ?

Learn with property auction expert Sam Fongho from Midas Property Group who has attended ALL the Auction House Auctions in London for the last 6 years.

Sam Fongho has also successfully moderated and hosted The Pre-Auction Expert Question and Answer Session during all the Auction House Auctions, which has given Sam a unique insight into the Auction Industry

What you will learn from the workshop:

1. How to source property

2. What preparations you need to make before buying or selling at auction

3. How to find your deal(s)

4. A guide at looking into the legals of buying and selling property at auctions.

5. Tips from an expert property professional on the day

6. Learn how to use EIG Auctions, a detailed insight from David Sandeman, founder of EIG Auctions

and much more…. including a real case studies.

At the end of the workshop you will understand the tools of the principles of buying and selling in auctions

This workshop will also show you what you need to focus on when assessing the value of the property

​How to find great opportunities in the auction catalogs, and most importantly how to sell properties in auctions for profits

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Midas Property Group

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All registrants will receive a complimentary two week trial on how to use EIG Auctions. You will receive the free trial only on the email address you have entered.

What is EIG?

EIG is the only website in the UK providing you with information on virtually every property coming to auction as well as every property offered in the past. The EIG portal covers virtually all UK property auctions*.

Founder David Sandeman will be proving an insight to how the website works, exclusively those attending the event.

EIG, provides an complete information on virtually all UK properties, saving you the time in searching in different auctions. You will even learn how to search for how much a property was sold at, and how much that property made, gaining a wealth of knowledge.

Julie Condliffe is a SRA regulated solicitor based in London. Being a landlord herself, she understand landlord needs better than any other lawyer and helps landlords to evict problem tenants in London and UK. She’s also the only specialized lease option solicitor in London and UK.


7:00pm Introduction from Host Sam Fongho on

How to make money from auctions using recent case studies

8:00pm-8:30pm Presentation from David Sandeman on How Property Auctions work and Julie Condliffe on Legal Packs.

8:30pm-9:00pm LIVE expert Question Answer Session from Sam, David and Julie.

9:30pm Summary of event, closing notes & Networking.

Midas Property Group

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