Sam Fongho
Director of Midas Property Group
Andrew Brown
Auction House London
Richard Bowser
Property Investor News Editor
Richard Obahor
Developer and Construction Company
Karolina Adamczyk
Chief Visionary Officer Adamchic Ltd
Jim Haliburton (HMO Daddy)
The Leading Expert on HMOs
Dao Tran Boyd
Multi-talented Entrepreneur
Mike Frisby
Ranjan Bhattacharya
Anthony Jemmot
Ersin Sirer
Jay Howard
Kam Dovedi
Evan Maindonald
Naman Pathak
Sunil Patel
Rob Wilkinson
Co-founder CrowdWithUs
Scott Hendry
Together Loans, Mortgage and Finance
Jeremy Jacobs
The Sales Rainmaker
Ben Goldsmith
CEO, Goldsmith Property (HMO Expert)
Richard Tacagni
London Property Licensing & HMO Licensing Expert
Tj Atkinsons
Service Accommodation Expert
Roger Collings
Lettings and Compliance Expert
Tony Gimple
Succession Planning Specialist
Aamir Safdar
Award Winning Property Investor and Developer
Mike Gerrard
Resources Director The Barnet Group
Belinda Livesey
Private Sector Housing Manager
Bhavesh Patel
Manager, Let2barnet Department and Bumblebee
Ralph Haynes
Group Manager, Environmental Health and Environmental Consultancy
Andre Harriott
Senior Negotiator
David Thomas
Head of Partnerships, The Barnet Group
Paul Mahoney
Nova Financial