Property Question Time presents, Everything you need to know about planning, including development, commercial & residential planning.

Auction House London and Midas Property Group  invites you to the pre-auction panel event Property Question Time (PQT) on Wednesday 3th March 2021.

Please note due to the ongoing pandemic this event will be streamed online.

The Property Question Time (PQT)

This event is an opportunity for you to network and meet Landlords, developers, property investors and other property professionals.

As usual, we will have some fantastic local property businesses showcasing their products and services.

If you would be interested in showcasing your business then please send an email to or call 02072062691 for more information. So don’t miss out, come and join us for an informative and social morning.

If you have any property related questions you would like to submit to the panel please email or call 07413 041 372


  • 9:30 am – 10:00 am  Networking
  • 10:15 am – 10:20 am Introduction of Sponsors
  • 10:20 am – 11:00 am  Keynote Speaker & Q&A Panel Session for all property-related questions
  • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Question and Answer Session 
  • 12pm – Live Property Auction To Follow  Online – hosted by Auction House London

Midas Property Group

Guest Speaker Ian Walmsley

Developer | Planning Expert

Ian Walmsley MCIJ DipFD is an experienced developer who loves Planning. Referred to as a ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ by a mentor he developed a passion for planning in 2015 having got fed up with inaccurate information on some websites as to what was possible with property or land that he was looking to develop.

In 2017 he set up the site ‘Planning Geek‘ as a way to inform others as to the possibilities of using permitted development rights on both domestic and commercial property. This has now grown to cover many other aspects of planning, giving plenty of ‘wow’ moments. To the best of our knowledge, It is now the largest planning website in the UK, apart from the national planning portal.

He now speaks around the UK at both property meets and with mentorship groups as a developer/planning geek.

As a developer with his company, Leading Homes, he has 40 dwellings under construction with a further 50 plus in legals or pre-construction.

Join Ian on the 3rd March where he will be talking about all the recent planning updates, from commercial planning to residential planning including changes to planning.

This is also a perfect opportunity to ask Ian any questions live on the Question and Answer session after the speakers presentation.

Guest Speaker Ranjan Bhattacharya

Commercial Property Expert | Mentor | Author

Ranjan is a successful real-estate entrepreneur, property mentor, author, property YouTuber and TV personality. Ranjan has been investing in and developing residential and commercial property for 30 years.

Ranjan is highly regarded for his commercial property expertise and is the UK’s leading provider of commercial real estate training and mentoring for property entrepreneurs.

Guest Speaker Andrew Binstock

Property Auctioneer | Auction House London Co-Founder

Andrew Binstock is widely regarded as the UK’s number 1 property auctioneer and is known for his unique style and his ability to bring excitement and liveliness to each lot he offers. He’s a co-founder of one of the UK’s largest auction houses – Auction House London – and you may also recognise him from ‘Homes Under The Hammer’, on which he is the most regularly featured auctioneer.

Andrew possesses over 20 years of experience in the auction industry. Auction House London offers an unrivalled service. They are the only auctioneer in the land to offer properties from a central London location with the assistance of 36 other regional auctioneers located all over the UK. Their extensive marketing for clients, existing corporate client database and impeccable service set them apart from the rest.

Join Andrew on the panel on the 3rd March, where he will be talking not just about the stamp duty deadline on the 31st March but also if you want to insights on property auctions then Andrew will be able to answer all your questions.

Sam Fongho

Business Development Director – Midas Property Group

Sam has over 15 years of property experience, he is now very recognized in the private property investment circles in London.   His areas of expertise include; Property Auctions, HMO, Property Development, Networking events, Service accommodation etc.

Sam advises many international clients on property investments in UK from simple residential investments to investments in developments. As well as advising on the buying and selling of property on behalf of clients Sam’s ethos is to provide excellent aftercare service. Midas Property Group (MPG) is a property consultancy business based in North London.  MPG organise events for Landlords, Investors and Developer.

The events are organised in partnership with local London Boroughs, MPG has worked with the following Boroughs:

  • London Borough of Brent
  • London Borough of Harrow
  • London Borough of Barnet
  • London Borough of Havering
  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • London borough of Lamberth

MPG are also market leaders in property auctions.  MPG works a number of National Auction companies to dispose of assets for clients or support clients with acquisitions.

Auction House London

Auction House London is the largest branch of the Auction House UK brand. Auction House holds more auctions annually than any other firm of auctioneers in the UK.

Co-founded by Andrew Binstock and Jamie Royston in 2011, Auction House London has grown year on year in its relatively short history to become one of the top 5 residential property auctioneers in the UK. We adopt a modern and dynamic approach to offering high quality auction facilities to both corporate and independent sellers and buyers.

Auction House London firmly believe in the importance of extensive online marketing campaigns in addition to the traditional offline methods. Our forward thinking approach to auctions has been regularly and applauded we are very proud to be recognized as offering extremely high levels of customer service to all of our clients. In 2013,  2015 and 2019, Auction House won the prestigious Residential Auctioneer of the Year award.

With a proven track record in residential and commercial investments and property auctions, the team offers a fresh and energetic approach to their auctions, providing a quality service that achieves the right results for all parties.

Midas Property Group

If you would be interested in showcasing your business then please send an email to or call 02072062691 for more information. So don’t miss out, come and join us for an informative and social morning. 

If you have any property related questions you would like to submit to the panel please email or call 07413 041 372

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